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Smoke and fire protection overview

For over 20 years clauss markisen Projekt GmbH is one of the European market leaders with manufacturing rollable textile smoke and fire protection special constructions. Our innovative, functional and secure constructions are manufactured according to high technical standards and all relevant norms.

Our systems not only impress with their easy integration into the architecture of buildings, but also with the comparatively low material and cost input.

Smoke barriers

A static or flexible smoke protection curtain is part of the smoke control system. It works in combination with natural (EN 12101-2) and mechanical (EN 12101-3) smoke and heat ventilation devices.

Smoke barriers define the smoke-free layer and therefore contribute significantly to decrease the smoke discharge volume.

Controls / Electrical accessories

Controls are mandatory for all automatic fire protection systems.

In case of malfunction, the smoke and fire protection closures would not fulfil their task and therefore not contribute to fire fighting. They evaluate the fire detection signals and trigger the closures independently of energy.

Smoke and fire protection closures

Smoke and fire protection curtains are made for closing wall openings in case of fire. Due to their construction as rolled systems, they can be used in a very space-saving way.

As a result, they offer architects a great deal of design scope for easy integration into room concepts. Different types and fabric types enable a wide range of applications for different structural fire protection requirements.

Special solutions

Special solutions are always sought-after and always require consultation with the fire protection expert responsible for the project.


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