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Projects smoke and fire protection


Siko, Bad Krozingen

Client: Siko GmbH, Bad Krotzingen


Execution: 2020



3x Concertina Smoke-Stop systems, approx. 605sqm



Vertical, folded smoke protection systems were executed, sewn across corners, in one piece all around the perimeter.

The systems are completely integrated into the suspended ceilings.

SikO_bad Krozingen.jpg

Bitzer Headquarter, Sindelfingen

Client: BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH


Architect: Kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen


Execution: 2019-2020



9x fire- and smoke protection systems around the perimeter,

angled without additional posts, approx. 605sqm.

1x BSV + approx. 30sqm

1x RSA + approx. 22sqm



To separate the stairwells on the respective floors of the high-rise-buildings, folded smoke and fire protection systems were executed around the perimeters. Sewn across the corners without additional posts. The systems are fully integrated into the suspended ceilings. In addition, a vertically rolled fire protection curtain and a smoke protection closure was also installed, to maintain the fire protection concept.

Remchingen City Hall

Client: Mayor's office, Remchingen


Architect: Steimle Architekten Stuttgart


Execution: 2019



13 units smoke-barrier RSS 74, approx. 367sqm



Rolled smoke protection systems were executed, arranged in a geometric special shape, following the atrium all around.

The smoke barriers are integrated between the exposed concrete ceiling and the wooden cladding and blend into the overall picture.


Raumfabrik, Durlach

Client: Raumfabrik, Durlach


Architect: Ruser & Partner, Karlsruhe


Execution: 2018



74 fire protection systems, total area approx. 1069 sqm



74 fire barrier systems with heat radiation-reducing fabric are installed for fire protection separation from the inner courtyards.


Architecturally, the fire protection systems are deliberately designed to be visible, just like the building's technical installations. This results in a technically modern overall impression of the respective areas.

Raumfabrik Durlach.jpg

New Castle, Stuttgart

Execution: 2016



3 units smoke protection systems type RSR 75.1


Area approx. 24 m²



Smoke barriers with vertical arches for temporary use - therefore "movable" in design,

in the entrance area of the historic building.

Historisches Gebäude

Educational campus, Heilbronn

Client: Schwarz Immobilienmanagement GmbH & Co. KG


Execution: 2016 and 2019



Total area approx. 623 sqm


Scope 2016 Construction phase 1:

5 smoke barriers type RSS 74-250

Individual widths between 7.90 m and 19.40 m.

System length up to 4 m

Area approx. 278 sqm


Scope 2019 Construction phase 2:

17 smoke barriers type RSR

Widths from 1.8 m to 11.58 m. Heights every 3.2 m.


Total area: 345 sqm.



Combination of smoke protection and interior shading k_oax


Synus Gartencarré, Karlsruhe

Client: Eigentums-Wohnbau-GmbH & Co., Karlsruhe


Architect: Kramm & Strigl Architekten und Stadtplaner, Darmstadt


Execution: 2015



9 units smoke barriers type RSR 75.1

Area approx. 121 sqm



Smoke protection systems in the drive-way according to DIN 12101 to prevent the spread of smoke in the underground car park.

Synus Gartencarré


Execution: 2015



69 static smoke barriers



Static smoke barriers for smoke guidance and blocking, to form defined smoke sections,

in connection with mechanical and natural smoke extraction systems.

Frauenhofer Institut

Fraunhofer Institute, Kaiserslautern

Client: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft


Execution: 2014



15 fire protection systems type BSV 55.1


Individual widths between 0.9 m and 6.7 m, system height 2.5 m,


Total area: approx. 125 sqm



Fire protection systems to prevent a fire flashover for at least 90 minutes from the atrium to the unaffected floors. In the event of a fire, the floors not affected by the fire supposed to be closed down, so that the atrium can be used for heat and smoke extraction.

The systems are triggered by the smoke detectors in the building, which are connected to the fire alarm system.

Neumarkt Medical Centre

Client: Das Ärztehaus Neumarkt GmbH & Co. KG


Architect: Theo Nutz, Neumarkt


Execution: 2009



35 units fire protection systems, approx. 330 sqm.



Fire barriers to prevent fire flashover in the atriums and inner corners of the building.

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